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Find a counsellor that suits you!

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I often hear of negative experiences from people that have seen a counsellor in the past and not really benefitted as much as they could have but why is this?

  • Connection

There needs to be a natural connection or sense of mutual acceptance within the counselling relationship as this is the opportunity you will have to discover yourself by sharing your life experiences. If you don't trust your counsellor ask yourself will you be truly open about your life's experiences?

  • Acceptance

Feeling totally accepted for who you are is crucial for the relationship to thrive. Wether you are 16 or 60 you can only feel secure in your environment if you feel safe and not judged.

  • Honesty

Both counsellor and client need to be honest with each other. Having doubts about honesty creates a barrier that in turn reflects on the nature of the relationship. Be honest about what your needs are and if you are receiving this during your sessions.


For the first time in your life you may be having conversations with someone where you don't have to think about your replies or opinions with fear of judgment, rejection or disappointment and this is a truly a life changing experience.

Your counsellor is not there to tell you what is right or wrong, true or false or should they tell you what to do, instead they will share your unique perception on life and your issues supporting you to reflect on what it is you want.

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