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What is Counselling: Services

A safe environment to discover your real feelings and discuss your life as YOU see it

We often worry about what's going on in our lives but sometimes this can become just too much. I can provide you with the environment to explore these thoughts and feelings.

A Typical Counselling Session

Business Meeting

So what happens?

Life throws many surprises at us, and while we cannot predict the outcome of any situation, we can take control of our reactions, although sometimes it is easy to forget this.
In our counselling sessions you have the freedom to discuss your life learning how it is possible to see things differently and then exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you giving you back control.
Wether you are suffering with anxiety, depression, a bereavement or feeling overwhelmed sharing this with a professional that offers a non judgmental, secure and confidential service will help you to reflect on what is happening for you.

I can use a variety of techniques and tools to support your needs, encouraging thoughts, ideas and progression towards agreed goals.

What can you expect?

Holding Plant

 I believe we are all Valuable Unique Individuals

I believe everyone is unique so I keep you at the centre of what I do working in different ways depending on what would benefit you. 
I work in an integrative way which means I am flexible to your needs allowing us to develop the best way of effectively working for you or your children.

You will discover that the therapeutic relationship is like no other, it is an empathic understanding of your experiences with the ability to hold you completely safely for the duration of your session.

It is built on trust, genuineness and confidentiality so I ensure you my work is private and discreet.

I will ensure you feel safe and secure to discuss your life with me and help you to discover what it is you are looking for.

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