Health Anxiety and the impact of Corona Virus.

There is understandable worry about our health and that of our families, about our jobs, our bills and our friends.

2020 has introduced us to a new way of life which I am sure has triggered so many issues within most of us as we attempt to understand what has happened this year and how it continues to affect us.

If you experience anxiety there are things that you can do to help.

- Speak to your G.P

- Learn some new mindfulness techniques  

 Apps or online materials can help you to relax.

keep perspective - what is important and what is not.

- Distraction 

Try to avoid things that increase your anxiety.


Try doing a puzzle, learn to draw, bake, write a letter or watch a new tv series. 

If you feel overwhelmed ask for professional help.

Many counsellors have returned to face to face appointments as well as online or telephone.