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A Counselling Service for all ages

Rock in Sand
Teenage Group
Happy Family with Pets

Creative Therapy for children

Using a variety of tools such as a sand pit, pens, paper and characters amongst other creative ideas ensures an easier form of communication for children that struggle to explain and understand their emotions and feelings.

Is your teenager withdrawn? Are they struggling with something you're not quite sure what?  
Do you think they would benefit from working with someone that is professional yet relaxed and easy going to enable them to discuss their fears and anxieties?

Adult Counselling

As an integrative counsellor I let you lead the sessions, adjusting my way of working to what you need and want.

Together we will explore your world and reflect on experiences to rediscover the real you.

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Kids' Paintings

Counselling for children and adolescents

Passionate about the mental health of a generation

It's difficult growing up today. Times have changed very quickly and children & adolescents are under a lot of pressure, wether its home life, school, education, friendships or social media often children are becoming overwhelmed and struggling to communicate with their families, teachers, siblings even their friends. I offer a safe space allowing a child or teenager the opportunity to talk without fear of judgment or reprimand, developing skills such as trust, communication and self worth which will help them on their journey into adulthood.
If you think counselling would benefit your child then get in contact for more information.

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